K’ara Restaurant

Our K’ara Restaurant have first level team of chefs when you need, for meeting, for work, with the family or for pleasure
We have the best plates in the Peruvian gastronomy and international food.
Monday to Friday we have Buffet lunch with 25 plates, fish, seafood, chicken meat , rice pork, beef, pastes, salad and our specialty “Ceviche”; you can to enjoy our international cocktails or the Peruvian drink “Pisco Sour”, International and national wine or our delicious Chicha Morada
We have Breakfast Buffet is the courtesy to our guests, the breakfast is serve our restaurant and included fruits, cereals, yogurt, milk, coffe, te infusions, ham, cheese, omelets, sausage or eggs, Natural fruit Juice, desserts made in the hotel, bread, toast, everything you need feel in your house

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